Oh Divine Apple, this has got to stop!!

Apple has for so many times rejected apps on the iStore for reasons that baffle me. The latest case was the removal of a gay cure app after many people petitioned they take it off. This represents a worrying trend happening in the US right now. What happened to freedom of speech and expression.  Wikileaks was shut down, why? Not be sidetracked the issue here is Apple. I mean seriously, who the hell gives them the right to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Jobs started off with the banning of pornographic apps. I really wonder what the internet would have been like if it had been created by Apple: no torrents, no porn, no religious material, no hacking tips.

I so much respect Sir Tim Berner-Lee and co. right now. I must confess I’m smarting because I’m a Bible believing Christian. I would not impose my beliefs on you. That is wrong. I should live my life in such a way that you would want to join my faith cuz a God that forces you to love him must suck indeed. Anyway, not to digress, while we cannot allow information like how to make a nuclear bomb and publish locations of sensitive installations  we cannot allow a monopoly of the Apple nature.

My assertion is this. Let freedom rule and it will balance itself out.

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2 Responses to Oh Divine Apple, this has got to stop!!

  1. Nezer says:

    Well, I am glad you have titled your blog journey of a software entrepreneur. If as you go through your journey, you develop software, I am sure you will want to make rules and regulations around it. Tell me if you think freedom of speech should triumph the business model that you will put in place to ensure quality and suitability, as you define it?

    • pkanane says:

      Thanks Nezer for your comment. I think it’s very dangerous to start censoring. For a business, if you want to be great you have to be open. There are many ways by which you can ensure quality eg. allowing the community to vote on material.
      An interesting example to watch is the way Microsoft and Sony handle their the gaming consoles. Sony is bent on prosecuting GeoHot(update.. it seems there’s been some agreement) while Microsoft is letting the Kinect roam free. Sure, maybe the 2 examples are not exactly the same. However, with the Kinect running free some amazing things are being done and the sales of Xbox increases.

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