Oh Divine Apple, this has got to stop!!

Apple has for so many times rejected apps on the iStore for reasons that baffle me. The latest case was the removal of a gay cure app after many people petitioned they take it off. This represents a worrying trend happening in the US right now. What happened to freedom of speech and expression.  Wikileaks was shut down, why? Not be sidetracked the issue here is Apple. I mean seriously, who the hell gives them the right to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Jobs started off with the banning of pornographic apps. I really wonder what the internet would have been like if it had been created by Apple: no torrents, no porn, no religious material, no hacking tips.

I so much respect Sir Tim Berner-Lee and co. right now. I must confess I’m smarting because I’m a Bible believing Christian. I would not impose my beliefs on you. That is wrong. I should live my life in such a way that you would want to join my faith cuz a God that forces you to love him must suck indeed. Anyway, not to digress, while we cannot allow information like how to make a nuclear bomb and publish locations of sensitive installations  we cannot allow a monopoly of the Apple nature.

My assertion is this. Let freedom rule and it will balance itself out.

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